Bethesda-Khankho Foundation

Dharma and Khankho

Dharma in a Hindu cultural concept means 'that which upholds the society.' It is also known as 'duty' that a person is expected of in the society. Often in a hierarchical social structure called 'Caste system', this duty means a community doing a certain type of work which is not necessarily liberating. However, the cultural value 'upholding the society' is an important point. Similar to Dharma, a Kuki traditional concept 'KHANKHO' also upholds the society. Khankho is a selfless lifestyle that is lived for the sake of others in the community. Community here includes, human being, non-human beings and non-beings. Negatively put, for instance, a person who doesn't care for the needy is called 'Khankho helou' or someone who doesn't know how to live as a human person. Sadly, the process of modernisation and Western form of Christianity have devalued this culture, either directly or indirectly, needing an urgent re-evaluation. An indigenous cultural value 'Khankho' is more than duty or good work or ethics but rather it is a lifestyle that is inseparable with religion. It is a transformative culture which promotes peaceful co existence and wholeness among diverse communities.