Bethesda-Khankho Foundation

Message for Khanglai 2011


The Chairman/Secretary Core Committee KSO (S) Golden Jubilee cum KWS Khanglai 2011.

Greetings from Scotland!

As we welcome the much anticipated Golden Jubilee and Khanglai 2011 celebrations, I congratulate all the leaders of the Kuki Students’ Organization Shillong, both the past and the present, for their able leaderships in bringing the organization into its maturity. In the same way, my sincere appreciation goes to the leaders of both the Kuki Worship Service of Shillong and Happy Valley for their untiring commitment to serve God through serving the needs of His people.

An occasion such as this reminds us of God’s redemptive leading for us as His people in the past, indicating undeniably clear that He has a purpose in us for both the present and the future. Let us leave behind, therefore, all our past short comings, regrets, ill feelings, differences of tribe, clan and opinions and celebrate the goodness of the Lord in unity. Praise the name of the Lord!

The future of KSO/KWS is like a vast unexplored wilderness – no one has ever experienced and hence no one knows the right direction. At the same time, we cannot remain where we are – we need to move on according to the time and space. Taking the right step from here is extremely crucial.

At this crossroad, we need to read the signs of the time, discerning what God is doing both at local and global levels. The world is changing and it is changing fast in surprising ways: the Western world no longer remains Christian society; globalization alarmingly widens the gap between the rich and the poor; terrorism and extremism became increasing treats to world peace and prosperity; and human benevolent culture, including our own, gradually degrades in contemporary society.

In a time like this both KSO and KWS need to be prophetic while they remained rooted in the people’s past. They should be prophetic so that they do not become ‘life-less static properties’ of a community which have no interest in the people’s life but rather they must be constructively flexible, critiquing as well as building up the community for transformation at every stage. It means that organizations such as KSO and KWS must be transforming instruments, willing to reform and to be reformed for the sake of the people’s well being. These organizations are for the people and not the other way round. At the same time, they should correct and enrich the life of the community while they transcend the interests of a particular community for the good of a wider global community. The collapse of western hegemony and the rise of people in the southern hemisphere provided enormous opportunities for us to participate in building up a better and safer global community in the light of our own cultural resources which are still unexplored.

Having reaffirmed our faith in Christ, let us therefore leave aside all our differences of tribe, clan, and opinions and move forward as a community in our preparation for joining “the uncountable multitude of tribes, nations, languages who will, in the Lord’s Day, praise the name of the Lord together” (Rev. 7: 9 paraphrased).

With these few words, I wish and pray for God’s special presence and blessings for the KSO (S) Golden Jubilee and the KWS Khanglai 2011 celebrations.


Revd Dr J Lamboi Haokip September 21, 2011.