Bethesda-Khankho Foundation

Pray for peaceful coexistence among different communities (Answers)

3 Feb, 17

Pray for peaceful coexistence among different communities.

Natural calamities (Answers)

30 Apr, 16

Pray for protection from frequent natural calamities in North East India

For peace (Answers)

30 Apr, 16

Political instability in North East affected the people, particularly the Innocent poor communities. The people need peace and stability for growth. Please pray for peace and justice for the marginalized groups of people.

Light (Answers)

20 May, 14

We need lights so that our children can study and keep themselves safe at night. We are raising support for Solar Panels. Please pray with us for this project.

Children on waiting list (Answers)

20 May, 14

More orphans have been brought to us in the recent past and we are unable to take all of them. Please pray for more resources.

Pray for our school extension (Answers)

19 Jan, 14

We urgently need more classrooms to accommodate our children for the Academic year 2016. We would very much appreciate prayers for this need.

For fairness and peace (Answers)

3 Nov, 13

Most often the poor [of all religions and communities] becomes victims of progress. Please pray for justice and fairness.

Water Storage (Answers)

20 Mar, 13

An increasing scarcity of water in the town. Our Well will soon be also dried up. We urgently need water storage for our children. Please pray for this need and contact us:

Staff support (Answers)

2 Mar, 13

Many of our staff have no support. Please pray with us for this urgent need.

Sponsor for one more child (Answers)

15 Mar, 12

One of our children still awaits for his sponsor. Please pray that the Lord will send us a sponsor for him.