Bethesda-Khankho Foundation


Bethesda Khankho Institute (BKI) is a centre for integrated studies. It is the initiative of local people to promote a deeper study of indigenous resources and world Christianity as part of the project of Bethesda-Khankho Foundation, Manipur, India.

As an academic institution, Bethesda Khankho Institute is committed to holistic education, Indigenous studies, Participatory learning, research and publication.

The Institute is the fruit of what was earlier known as Indigenous Resource Centre (IRC) hosted online for lay people and students among Indigenous people.

We seek to prepare contextually well-rooted communities of faith for sustainable global society. We are strong on partnership with others who share the same conviction and commitment.

The following fields are of particular interest:

Tracing the complex social, cultural, economic and political developments that marginalises the place and role of the Indigenous people and their heritage in the development of knowledge.

Analysing and interpreting Indigenous people’s life-world for the enrichment of human knowledge, community transformation and faith expression.

Conversing with others in a global community who have experience in and interest for integrated studies, particularly in the field of Indigenous knowledge.

Exploring the ways and means of integrating Indigenous knowledge into modern education in order to contribute toward building sustainable global society and ecological peace.