Today, March 7th is KHANKHO DAY and I invite all to join us in our commitment to support environment. A Northeast Indian Indigenous worldview/tradition Khankho is about living for others (including nature) with the conviction that life is inter-dependent. It is like African ‘ubuntu’ – I live because of you!

You can join us from wherever you are by

  • Helping or visiting someone who is in need
  • Planting trees, watering plants, cleaning your surrounding
  • Save water, avoid wasting food, and feed birds or animals
  • Practice fairness and justice for the day; show appreciation to your workers or housemaid, staff
  • Help the air by not driving but walking to your offices or shopping on food
  • Tell someone that March 7th is Khankho Day and we all need to work together to save our environment, our world, by safeguarding lives on the planet

At Bethesda, our alumni, board members and friends across India and beyond will be joining us in attempting to live Khankho for a day. Different teams will be going out for outreach in the morning – visiting cancer patients in the villages, supporting shoe repairers on the roadsides, orphan homes, taking care of plants, save forest campaign, peace campaign, etc. Happy Khankho Day to ALL.

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