Relevance of Thempu in Pastoral Ministry: A Socio-Theological Perspective


The book gives an in-depth qualitative study on indigenous Kuki Thempu who depended considerably on spirits for the physical and spiritual welfare of the village people. The innumerable cultic rituals he performed showed great respect centred around natural elements like trees, animals, rivers, streams, mountains, and most of all on Indoi. Seeking the goodwill of God and spirits was the primary aim of the Thempu to bring about health and social tranquil atmosphere. A retrograde journey to cultural roots can draw an immense wealth of heritage that could be valuable in effective pastoral ministry in Catholic religious tradition.

ISBN / ASIN / SKU: BKF_20210111_001

Author: Paul Lelen Haokip

Publisher: Christian World Imprints

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: January 11, 2021

Pages: 120

Language: English

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